Friday, September 08, 2006

The Amazing Energy Machine of Joseph Newman is here!!!

OMG, it's finally here!!! the video is on Google!!!
In short, this guy from Wiggins, MS has created a machine that generates more energy than is put in. He is religiously inspired and my hero.

Joseph Newman and his contribution to humanity.
This is a large file 404MB much better quality.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is Emily from the band Metric. Metric rocks and does a mighty fine live show. Check em out. Search flickr for 'metric' for more pics and sets.

Emily Haines of Metric. Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin, TX. 16 March- SXSW 2006.
photo by yellowlinephoto on flickr

Friday, August 25, 2006

August waning.

Stuff I'm into:
Ubuntu Linux. It just works. Totally. Forget Windows (except for running Sonar, that's all)...
Cocteau Twins (BBC sessions are pretty good, all live and that...)
Firefox Verizon Minutes used extension (works for Tmobile too) -keeps easy tabs on usage, no more overages!!)

And as a side note, just to get this on the innernet:
I bought a Kenmore HE4t washer and dryer (he4). Stacked them up. Both front loaders, work great. previously the HE3 , he3t. Damn expensive units. Bought them from scratch and dent place, no warranty (yikes) but, I can fix anything.
So, the washer starts kicking up a 'suds' error then an F2 error and taking forever to finish a load. Open up, remove wet clothes, and see water standing in the bottom. Checked drain path, it's clear. Couldnt find anything on the internet about this. So, I removed the bottom front panel (screws on bottom front). and in the middle there is the pump catchall. This keeps coins and stuff from getting into the drain pump. Well, suprise suprise, I found my son's missing socks! three of them. 2 quarters, and some rocks as well. Totally clogged. I took that stuff out, put the thing back together and that's it. Wash away!!!
My band has added 'wipeout' What fun.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I lost a month in 10 days!

Wow, time flies when you are not paying attention.
Busy is as busy does, so here's a bunch of pics from my super secret hideout.
I've been incredibly busy away from work as well. I went paintballin one day, plenty of hits. I built a rock wall. I hid a geocache. I replaced a bunch of rocks in the yard. I sank a bunch of stepping stones. I cut grass. I chainsawed trees and my porch. I got my truck fixed. I bought an awsome old rolltop desk. I bought a canoe. I'm playing drums in a classic rock band. I rebuilt my home pc. I built a potting bench. I restacked the woodpile. whew.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh My Gawd, It's the Flaming Lips!

From the first time I heard Oh My Gawd, I was hooked. Over the years, Wayne and Drozd have certainly been to the edge and brought back wonderful news everytime. So this time, thanks to an 'advance' torrent, I've been listening to the new album for weeks. It's good. Growing on great. It's like they took some of the catchy pop inflections of Yoshimi and went in a time machine and revisited the Beach Boys, then Pink Floyd at Pompeii then took a dose of Mercury Rev's flute stuff.
All in all , it's quite good, plenty of goofy fun to be had.
Go get it.
The Flips and Ween and the Go! Team will be at Red Rocks later this summer.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I never update this anymore...

Isn't this the case with all blogs? Editor laziness....
So, here's a quickie:
Go listen to some Manu Chao. Try any of it:
Manu Negra, Radio Bemba Sound System, or his solo stuff is great.
Trust me, you'll like it.

or, go wild and get some super crazy bamako sound from
Amadou and Mariam (manu chao produced)

again, trust me, you've never heard anything like this before.

go check out musicthing

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Maximux Taxus Scammum

I hafta post about what I saw last night. It's about the cheapo printer company, Lexmark. Lexmark kindly donated a color printer to every teacher in the entire Douglas county school district. Wow, that's alot of printers. The free printer is the cheapest model Lexmark has. You know, the one they give you free with a computer purchase as 'incentive'. The whole business model behind these printers is to give them away, (it's a $30 printer) and then charge you a premium for the ink ($60 for both inks). Brilliant. Well, this printer is packaged with a folder inside for the 'Teacher program'. Inside this is a letter telling the teacher that Lexmark will 'donate' an ink cart for every three purchased from their website at normal retail prices. The average teacher would be like, wow, that's great and order plenty of ink to get the free one. This is a double bonus for Lexmark, they get pure profit from the sales of three inks, then get to take a tax deduction for the 'donated' ink. I'm sure Lexmark takes a FAT tax deduction for all the donated printers as well. It's what all the great corporations do in America, screw Uncle Sam. Even CokaCola scams us, they have MASSIVE tax dodges just by putting their 'international' offices in Antigua or Antilles so they don't hafta pay taxes and tarrifs to the U.S. for selling internationally. The whole machine pays for itself, the big corps then pay lobbyists to maintain the giant tax loopholes that make the corps richer. It makes me a disgusted American. Only when Washington D.C. is nuked and most of the crooked politicans are gone and then the 'centralized and corrupt' government is decentralized and politicians work from their home districts that voted them into office will any of the crappy american politcal system change signifigantly. Yeesh, at least my crap goes down the toilet somewhere else.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marked for life

I know it's geeky, but it's a fun and outdoorsy thing to do, and that's geocaching.
I've been poking away at the ground for a couple of years now. I recently decided to place a couple of caches around Castle Rock. I found a couple of places that are 'hidden' right in town that are pretty cool. One has a bunch of outdoor artwork and a hidden picnic bench, the other has a great view of the town. Take a look.
Old Glory Overlook
The Forgotten Picnic
Both caches are watertight plastic containers wrapped in camo tape, well hidden. It's pretty neat knowing these things will (hopefully) be there forever. It's also interesting the the detrius and flotsam that occupies these things, little trinkets and objects from everywhere.