Monday, November 28, 2005

Inherited Knob Fiddling Ability

Yeeeaa! I sold the Biolab. Some lucky person out there is now it's owner. It's gonna be a bear to pack and ship. I managed to snap some pics of my son fiddling with it. He knew right what to do. He walked up and started knob twisting and button pushing and switch flipping. And kept at it for a while. He's only 12 months old. Wow. He likes keyboards and drums already. We are working on his bongo rhythm. I just got him his own bongos, and immediately he started playing them. As soon as he can count to 4, he's gonna be a rock drummer! It's been a busy while since my last post, my work has picked up a bit. One cool note to pass on to you, I just got coupons for 2 round trip Airtran tickets for $150. It's a bit much considering what I acutally bought, but I don't have the time or patience to gather them myself. See, Wendy's has this promo coupon on their cups right now for Airtran credits. 32 coupons - 1 way , 64 - round trip, 128 - 2 round trips. So, basically, I paid someone to go and dumpster dive some Wendy's cups for me. I thought Ebay, Wendy's or Airtran would quickly quash this setup, but no, it's only gotten bigger. If Jeff Miller or Marty Crozier aren't already working this, they are missing out. So, go check it out for yourself, it's all for real, and get in that dumpster and start flying!

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Cyborg Biolab on EBAY

I posted my Cyborg Corp. Biolab on ebay earlier today. Ever since I saw this thing I knew it would be headed for something good. It has always garnered the "What in the world is that thing?" from every person who has ever crossed it. It's too complicated to explain fully. It's always been better to just let it sit there and go 'beep beep boop boop beep bleep bleep' . It's been part of the spaceship console I had assembled back in Hattiesburg. Now it has been picked up by Musicthing. Awesome. I check musicthing all the time to see what kinda crazy stuff is on there, and wham, The Biolab is there. I almost feel like Leoncie! must feel like when she makes that crazy music.
This was used at the University of Southern Mississippi for research. The program was closed down, and now I have it. I have been entirely unable to find any information from the University about this device. The entire department was discontinued! There was a page up from some university last year that referred to one of these in it's graduate research dept. resarching biofeedback. There is some old reference about a program from 1987 using one. Let me know any additional information ANYBODY might have, I'm curious.

Mounted inside this aluminum 19" rack with sloped front is (from top to bottom) :

EMG BL900 Dual Processor - Measures electrical activity in muscles (muscle tension)

EEG BL541 - Measures brain waves

Thermal BL562 - Mesures peripheral skin temperature

Q880 Data Accumulator - logs values from other units

Open storage drawer - it slides out and holds accessories - right now it has an old probe with deteriorated rubber armband, old original 9 volt batteries.

Biolab BL550 Matrix Control - provides reference tone and calibrations

Flikr pics

Electroencephalogram is brain mapping with emg eeg signal generator for lie detector analog it is vintage to stress reducer Psychophysiologic response patterns EMG activity was measured with Cyborg Quick-stick surface electrodes and a Cyborg P303 EMG amplifier connected to a Cyborg BL900 EMG Dual Processor . the Surface Electromyography psychophysical Duchenne cortical brain waves muscle tension neurotherapy in Meditation Cyborg Corporation in Boston Mass MA into Transcendental Meditation and Biomedical Engineering Bioelectric events of Physicological EEG effect

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More entertaining than a far flung paper airplane


You really should get an eyefull of this stuff. It's totally user-submitted content, user-selected playlist, and full of really cool clips. I've been trying to get a wad of Angry Samoans videos up there to share. Once I get my audio sync problem fixed, I've got the espisode of the Incredible Hulk on LSD in a recording studio with McKenzie Phillips singing necktie nightmare on stage with the hulk busting out and shooting lightning bolts thru the drumset. He hates drums in this espisode.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Webapp revolution

All kinds of things are becoming web apps these days. I'm sure you can drive up to a fast food place by now and order your food over the internet from your car computer connected over the fast food restaurants' wireless connection. Why talk to anybody? Why get out of your car? You can web order your domino's pizza, why not a McBig? Anyway, sometimes a webapp comes along that is so fresh and cool that it has earned it's place in internet history within it's first few weeks of existence. Google maps and all the overlay applications are here to stay, forever. The newest thing I'm trippin on are COVERPOPS. There are everything from handdrums to SciFi book covers to Indie CD covers all arranged by time and hue as if splayed across a ginormous coffee table. You hover over one item, it zooms up to you, click zoom, click open. There are many types of items to peruse. There is also a detailed explanation of how it works that is pretty cool, too. I wonder what data this webapp will be the most handy at. Medical stuff? Geneology?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The end is surely near.

Browsing around this morning brought me upon this item. It's a MP3 playing toilet lid!
I'm convinced more than evar that this excessive consumerism is a signal of the end of capitalistic democracy. I wonder what tunes would be good on there? It even heats the seat! I would put a book on tape mp3 on there so I could listen to a book and read another one while doing the number 2. Now that's multitasking.