Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is where you hide your booty shorts.

Dead men stuffed in dressers won't be tellin much either, arrrr. Gotta admire the breadth of marketing applied to that movie. It's like we are in a golden age of tie-ins. I've got some Jar-Jar toothpaste to share with you soon.

The mystery van in Castle Rock

Wha? I can't get around the fence to see the name on the back. It sits just out of reach defying identification.
Any clues internet?
I love that stripe. I can just imagine the various sets of characters that would fit in there.

Friday, October 03, 2008

I've caught the google driver.

While streetviewing a gas station meetup place, I noticed how pretty the Flatirons of Boulder, CO looked in the morning light. How everything is still in shadow, but the mountains are lit up first. Then went looking for a clear view without all the power lines, and noticed all the surrounding area's street view are from a different time. Then I found this guy. It's the google driver getting in his car one early morning. The car is invisible, of course. Take a look to the west, spin the view to the left to see the flatirons.

View Larger Map

Look for my other post of the section of street view at night. It's dark.

I almost made a new blog entry last week

but I didn't.