Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I like and approve of #1

I'm gonna give you something. It's something that has a intangible value of time invested. I'm going to share some things I like. Many of these things I have chosen after much research and extensive testing. So, here's a gift of time.

1. The BrookStone USB MP3 shower radio.

I know, it's Brookstone, you know, that store in the mall that sells every little gadget for everything.
This unit has a watertight USB port for a flash drive, AM/FM and clock. It sounds good, too. The only features it doesn't have is shuffle and folder navigation, but for a waterproof USB player, its very good. Portable too, take it to the beach et al. I like it.
For some reason, this unit is almost impossible to find.

Panasonic RP-HC500 Noise-Canceling Headphones

I travel alot these days. I wanted a decent set of cans without the cost of the Bose set. I went through every off the shelf noise cancelling set I could find, and a few in ear solutions as well. They all suck. I finally settled on this set. I love them. Serious noise cancellation, super comfort, decent sound. Removable 1/8 cord, harshell case. I like it.

Sansa E200 series w/ Rockbox

Ipod? No Thanks. $29 refurb Sansa 2GB E250. $12 4GB microSD. Rockbox installed. Whatever MP3 player you may have, see if you can put Rockbox on it. Way better. I've got a 6gb audio/video FM/voice recorder/player for $41. It plays DOOM. It has realtime audio plugins.
I like it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Who needs an expensive music video?

Well, I was treated to the original MTV videos from Dino and Seal today. I must say, the Dino video made me say , WTF. Then I saw the video for 'crazy' from Seal . well, let me say I long for the days of simple video edits. I can accept poor cinematagrapy, or poor design or 'bold' fashion direction, but the dead simple video edits are the clincher for me. It's like watching an old film and commenting, 'they couldn't make this film today'. Because when someone reinterprets something, the original is lost without full representation and recogonintion of the original. So, FU hollywood, I don't want yer stinkin remakes. Anyway, I just want to make note that it only took ass-poor videos to make a song a hit. Not today.....

Cambrian reclaimation

Well, I've been on an ext-ended trip (more like a fall) into west TEXAS this week. See what I did there, with the word TEXAS, it's cuz, well, I can't say it. Anyway, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo, Abilene, you are my destiny (this week). Due to departing weather , I was treated to several hours of layover in Dallas-Fort-Worth airport. I had previously read online about the 'd' concourse at DFW, and a short skytram later, the D concourse at DFW is indeed a fancy fancy place. Go ahead, book your flights with the strong layover at DFW, go enjoy the D concourse. It's the 'International' conrcourse, so you will have some ppl watching available. Oh, and it really does have a Proactiv vending machine.

Well paid stooges.

Would you get paid good monay evry night to be made fun of? how much would it take?
Would you take it evry night on national TV? I want to make a cry of 'soft shell sellout' to La Bamba. You know, the go-to guy for Conan to throw his cheap deprecating jokes at. Gheesh, I still watch Conan only to pray for the return of his first two seasons' humor. He may have gotten some mixed reviews then , but it was comedy gold. Dippy the Hippy, please. Still, tho, props for a the band and his embracing absurdity.