Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is Emily from the band Metric. Metric rocks and does a mighty fine live show. Check em out. Search flickr for 'metric' for more pics and sets.

Emily Haines of Metric. Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin, TX. 16 March- SXSW 2006.
photo by yellowlinephoto on flickr

Friday, August 25, 2006

August waning.

Stuff I'm into:
Ubuntu Linux. It just works. Totally. Forget Windows (except for running Sonar, that's all)...
Cocteau Twins (BBC sessions are pretty good, all live and that...)
Firefox Verizon Minutes used extension (works for Tmobile too) -keeps easy tabs on usage, no more overages!!)

And as a side note, just to get this on the innernet:
I bought a Kenmore HE4t washer and dryer (he4). Stacked them up. Both front loaders, work great. previously the HE3 , he3t. Damn expensive units. Bought them from scratch and dent place, no warranty (yikes) but, I can fix anything.
So, the washer starts kicking up a 'suds' error then an F2 error and taking forever to finish a load. Open up, remove wet clothes, and see water standing in the bottom. Checked drain path, it's clear. Couldnt find anything on the internet about this. So, I removed the bottom front panel (screws on bottom front). and in the middle there is the pump catchall. This keeps coins and stuff from getting into the drain pump. Well, suprise suprise, I found my son's missing socks! three of them. 2 quarters, and some rocks as well. Totally clogged. I took that stuff out, put the thing back together and that's it. Wash away!!!
My band has added 'wipeout' What fun.