Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Didnt need no welfare state, those were the days.

I'm almost back in the south. Riding past the nucleer plant on I-40 near Russellville, Arkansas makes me think of GWB and his 'Orange Alert'. It's so 'Prisoner' esqe. You are here because you know too much, it's like we are being retro-actively pressed into subservient know-how. Ya, there's something dangerous there, and we want to look around it, not at it. Wow, Archie Bunker was soo racist. It's cool to see a guy with union steel balls actually stand firm on his beliefs, unlike any show since that tries to match Archie Bunker. If that show was made today, I'm certain Edith would be a hot broad, and not the realistic whiny sounding homely wife.
It's like ZZ Top, I like the old television good, the new television, not so much. Velcro Fly, no thank you. Legs, nope. Eliminator, WTF. Tres Amigos, yes, more please.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I approve, yes, keep them coming.

My son asked me why I'm always fixing everything. I've had a difficult time resting since we bought a house a few years ago. Homeownership is a full time hobby one old-timer told me. It never ends. My recent excursions into the uppper attic have dispelled some of the last bits of mystery about my house. My cat, Gibby, she wanted desperately to get up the ladder to explore one of the last areas unseen by feline eyes. Now that I have closet lights, cable and ethernet upstairs, I'm ready for clobberin time. Like Star Trek where something can't be seen until something is phase shifted, we realized that we are losing about 100 sq. feet of space due to poor door layout and closet door choices. So, hack and wack, that's what's next. I'm going to see if I can get a $20 Sawzall at a pawn shop and make a mess, or inspire another 'Dad broke the house' comment from my 3 yr old.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My McGyverness

Q: Does anyone have any string?
A: Would a network cable work? I have a shoestring in my car too.
R: Hmmm, I'm not sure, but I will note your McGyverness.

The new phone solution.

So, if the communication companies are splicing our lines and providing the NSA with open access on all lines, then shouldn't those lines be free? Really, I don't give a flip about how easy or hard it is for someone to snoop on me, I don't give a care if I am being watched. Normally, when my opinion on something is needed, I get paid for it. (surveysavvy, prognostics, et al.) So, AT&T, Qwest, you can split my data lines off to the NSA, but you better not charge me full price for my service. I forget the sci-fi author (probably P.K.Dick) who put it in writing first, but in the future, communications are all free, just subsidised by a short advert at the top of each call. So, instead, imagine, free service that is up front about the monitoring of that service. The way I figure it, in this day and age, if you have something to hide, you had better communicate with pencil, paper, and homing pigeon, and even then, you are going to be on dozens of security camera logs.

Oh yea, another new job.

So, the office I was working in for Maptuit is closing, I'm not interested in relocating, so I started looking for new jobby job. I am now a Deployment Consultant for Gambro BCT. I travel around the country and install data collection appliances in blood centers. It's a wonderful place to work, the best crowd of co-workers ever. My commute to the office is a little long, but I don't mind at all.

Geocaching discovery

I've been on a determined Geocaching mission. I've been using my Moto i850 Nextel/Boost phone with Geocache Navigator. It's great having one device that has instant geocache searching in it. Yesterday, I found myself at a famous grave:
The Adolph Coors grave. Crisp coors banquet beer, yum. I havent had a beer in many months. Anyway, I've been aiming at one or two caches a day for lunch.

I'm alive and I approve this message.

Empty blogs, dead blogs, yup, this is another one.
So, I'm going to start blogging things I like and approve of.
Maybe share a few shortcuts.