Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome to my world, little figurine.

Again, the best junk store in Denver was waiting for me. It called out to me 'russ .... ruussss... I have something for you...'. So this time, I bought a Devo Figure for $12, about how much it costs on the Devo website. But this one is signed by Devo. He has now made residence on my bookshelf.

Daily Drivers

I drive I-25 from downtown Denver to the cozy bedroom suburb of Castle Rock avery afternoon. I frequently see super cars as daily drivers. Here's a vintage Countach:

Here's an Audi R8 (The Iron Man car):

Here's a pewter hottie spotted at a truckstop:

MayFlowers bring Pilgrims.

I've been taking a personal break each afternoon to stroll across the office and grab a Laffy Taffy from the bottomless basket of sweets. Then, I stop and read both jokes. Really. My co-workers look at my daffy grin and wonder. My 3.5 yr. old son thinks I'm the funniest person on the earth.
Oh, and here a picture of a hybrid stuffed animal I found at a thrift store back in Mississippi.
It's the head of Elsie the cow with the body of Curious George. Made, Found, Mine. My wife wants me to throw it out, but I secretly stash it away.